Reviews of iKITMovie Stop Motion Animation Software and KIT   April  2018

“For beginners the learning curve is very low making it very easy for anyone to get up and running quickly….. Either way this app is  a great way to make stop motion animation movies”……

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StormTheCastle January 2nd 2017

Some of the nice things about this software:

  • It has something called onion skinning. This means you can overlay two frames and see them both at the same time. This is how you make a small motion and see if the change is right from one frame to the next.

  • It is very easy to use!

  • It has a whole lot of great sound effects which add a little bit of panache to your animations. I am talking people sounds, animal sounds, boats, cars etc. Lots and lots of really neat sounds.

  •  It makes the process of animation a whole lot easier.”

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..”It appears that IKITmovie is for ease of use by beginners or in a classroom environment, and therefore, primarily works with the common and ubiquitous USB webcams with resolutions good enough for internet and mobile media. Has custom built sound engine with over 2,200 sound effects and background music.”…

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shadow fw  1024x75 - Reviews    28th September 2009

“I downloaded and installed the trial, and was immediately pleased with the interface. It is happy and colorful, bright blue and yellow and very user friendly”….

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 Read About US – Customers

“I was just browsing, looking for some stop motion software to help my son make some “brickfilms” with his Lego figures. I needed something which seemed user friendly and which he, a 7 year old, might be able to  manage on his own. Or nearly. Yours seemed to be the one. And I have certainly been impressed by the speed of the support, and personal touch, and on a Sunday! Great Stuff!

Best Regards Martin, Idaho, US.

“The software is for my son Nathan and he totally loves it. He makes claymation movies and has been laboring with windows movie maker – it is so great for him to have a program that is easy to use and well put together. The sound effects are awesome too – it really makes a huge difference having those. Even his brother has been helping him make movies!”  …

Julia Gibson – Boulder ColoradoUSA

“License received and software working – one happy Son!!” …

John Broadgate Manchester UK

 “I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your help and advice concerning our purchase of iKitMovie, and to let you know that my nephew is already making movies and loving the software. I truly appreciate your time, prompt assistance, and again, your advice.”

Sincerely, Wade, Winnipeg, CA

“Oh great, it was automatic after all. And I’m impressed to get also a direct email from you at this hour. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to using iKit and will definitely recommend it to my contacts.”

 Bests, Terhi V – AnimaTricks.Net.

“It works!!! You have the best customer service support for after sales I have ever seen!”

Pat B. NY, US.

Download “iKITMovie 4 Trial Version” iKITMovie4-TRIAL.exe – Downloaded 33535 times – 260 MB

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 We are a creative  business (IKITSystems Limited )  based in Cork , Ireland.

We focus on innovative ,accessible easy to use software. iKITMovie is being enjoyed by children, creative adults of all ages and educators around the world.

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