Stop Motion Tutorials

Getting Started - Follow these Stop Motion Animation Tutorials
Now that you have installed your stop motion animation software,  start making those stop motion movies, animated brickfilms, claymation movies , 3D and 2D animations. This video steps you through the basics of using iKITMovie animation software to make a first animation. You will become familiar with the fundamentals of using the interface so that you can make your own movies.
Making A Set - The Basics
Now that you have installed your animation software, you will have to think about how to create your set. Its simple to do but you should take care to understand some basic steps like securing your set , camera and using desk lamps to light you character for the best images possible.

Check our Animation in School section to see sets built by students for their projects.




Make your LEGO© MiniFig walk
An easy step by step video guide on how to make stop motion with your lego minifig character. This video shows you the first method you can use to make a realistic walk cycle using 5 simple positions for your character. We overlay the still snapshots that were taken for each step on the video so you can see how each position compares to the previous and following positions. Make sure you that all the video tutorials preceeding this tutorial.




Using ChromaKey Video
An easy step by step video guide on how to add still or moving backgrounds to your animations. Unless you are already familiar the principles of stop motion animation make sure you have watched the getting started video above before moving on to this video. We use an example of an X-Wing star wars fighter to show you how to add a starfield in motion in this tutorial to help you get started.
Adding an Explosion to your Animation

Every wondered how to add an explosion effect to your stop motion animation movies? Another one of our great stop motion ideas for you to improve your stop motion movies. Well its easy with iKITMovie. There are a number of explosions included in our library to add to your animation to bring the action to your claymations, brickfilms and more.


Ever wondered how to add gun muzzle flashes to your movies - Want to get those gun muzzle flashes that everyone has in their action stop motion is how to do it !

You will need a overlay gun flash image in order to complete the video.

Search on google images for a muzzle flash that you would like to use.

Focus your Webcam for Clear Animations

It is vital that you focus your webcam or digital still camera when you take your snapshots. There is nothing more off putting for the viewer than blurry out of focus images. This video tutorial gives you all the information needed to get clear animations.

Adding Still Images to replace your Greenscreen background


Why not replace your green / blue screen backdrop with a still image. This video tutorial shows you the animation maker how to select a still image background step by step to make it easy. You can use an image from our library or import your own jpegs images to make a cool animation.