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This is the full version of iKITMovie 4.0 which includes the 2,200 sound fx & greenscreen technology (chromakey), overlay and a Webcam  – GIFTPACK !


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Stop Motion KIT

This is the full version of iKITMovie 4.0 which includes the 2,200 sound fx & greenscreen technology (chromakey), overlay and a Webcam, an all in one stop motion kit !!

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StopMotion software KIT - iKITMovie Bundle

StopMotion Software KIT

The webcam provided is perfect for stop motion animation! - An ideal gift for the budding animator..!

iKITMovie next generation Stop Motion animation software with 2200 sounds built-in ready to use. With voice over or add any other sounds such as your mp3's to this vast library for use with your animations-you will no longer need to export your movie to another editing program in order to add sound.

The 2200 sound effects are all in MP3 format at CD stereo quality and cover a vast range of sound categories. Everything from Aircraft such as fighter jets , Guns , gunshots, human sounds ..laughs , screams , Animal sounds , cartoon type sounds, Ambiences such as City, War, Space (Sounds suitable for all ages). Just select any sound from the vast list and add it to whatever frames you wish.

You can also add your own voice while you watch your animation playback or add it to the built in library for use anywhere in the animations in that project of any future projects.


Its' graphical interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. All ages can get up and running easily and quickly. Please download the Trial of our software to ensure that it works well in your environment.

New iKIT HD KIT e1609774151421 - iKITMovie Bundle

iKIT Stop Motion HD KIT

The included webcam does not need any drivers for windows. It will run just fine  with the Microsoft windows desktop. The trial version can be used to test it with any webcam or imported images from your still camera or phone. Once you have the iKITMovie stop motion kit you can continue to use those images that you have already captured or imported from any or your preferred sources.

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iKITMovie Interface