No sound in iKITMovie

Hearing no sound in iKITMovie ?

This is how to resolve the issue.

Microsoft Windows media player is required for iKITMovie 4 to function correctly.

However Microsoft removed default support for windows media player in an update – KB4046355

The feature’s removal came to light when users installed KB4046355 on devices running Windows 10 version 1709 — the Fall Creators Update.

However it is easy to resolve. Simply follow these steps.

( close iKITMovie first )

Open Settings by clicking on the Windows Logo – bottom left 

Settings Icon
Windows Start Button

( If you don’t see the Setting Icon – then type Settings   in to the box where it says Type here to search )

( alternative ways to find Settings here )

Once Settings is open…


go to Apps > Apps & Features


and click on Manage optional features.

Windows Settings - Apps

Select Add a feature 

and then scroll down to the Windows Media Player entry and click on Install

Windows Media Player - Add A Feature
Windows Media Player - Add A Feature