Chroma Key Backgrounds

chroma key backgrounds - stop motion green screen

b4chroma e1531682616705 - Chroma Key Backgrounds
The Jet in front of a blue or Green Screen
beforechroma2 - Chroma Key Backgrounds
Star Wars Fighter in front of Blue or Greenscreen


With iKITMovie 4 you have access to a cool stop motion effect that allows you can change your backgrounds and replace them with images or videos from our library of images and video. This is called green screen stop motion or chromakey.

Simply animate your characters in front of a green or blue screen and later replace that color with our image / video or with one of your own.

Below we list the steps on how this is easily done.


WallyB4 - Chroma Key Backgrounds
Wally Before Background Image Replacement
WallyAfter - Chroma Key Backgrounds
Wally After Background is Replaced - Blue replaced by any image in our library of included images or one of your own ...!


Once you have captured all your images and you want to replace the background ( blue or green ) with an image follow these steps.

Firstly select the image in the timeline that has the green/blue background where you wish to replace with an image / video background.

Choose add background ( 2 in red in the diagram ). To bring up that floating menu select the image in the timeline and right mouse click.

Select “Add Background”   or  “Add Chroma Here” depending on the version of iKIT you have.

AddBack - Chroma Key Backgrounds
Choose image from the Timeline

step 3 - Select chroma / background tab

Select the Background tab to display the library of image and video backgrounds

Chroma SelectBackground - Chroma Key Backgrounds
Chroma Select Background / Chroma Tab

steps 4 to 7

Steps 4 to 6 

Select Next once you have chosen your Foreground and Background images


Step 7 – Click on the Green or blue background behind the character. This selects the color you want to replace with your image.

Chroma ClickonBlue - Chroma Key Backgrounds
Chroma -Click on Blue Area

step 8 to 10

Move the slider to the right until all of the blue or green is gone. 

If all the color does not go then you may need to have better lighting on your set to avoid shadows.


You can click on the areas that do not disappear with a second slider if needed.

Chroma Move Tol1 - Chroma Key Backgrounds
Chroma Move Slider until color goes
Chroma Done - Chroma Key Backgrounds
The Finished Result