Animation for Kids


reading and numbers

Learning to count 0 to 10 – this wonderful claymation helps kids to visualize counting from 0 up to 10. It’s a colorful approach to help young children with numbers. Brought to you by Twinkle TV.

You can easily recreate this using iKITMovie and a webcam and some clay. Manipulating the clay in to each number helps kids to get comfortable with numbers and learn to enjoy learning.

learning the alphabet

Annie Fung has created this fun and cool aid to learning the alphabet for you kids. The animation for kids was done as part of a school media project. Details of those involved in the project are listed below.

Produced, written and directed by Annie Fung

All animation made by Annie Fung

Voiceover by Doris Fung.

Music by Da Sel Cho.

phonics - the a sound

This animation from “Funtastic TV” explores phonics and the letter A. The animation is professionally done. However kids in school can take elements of the animation and create something rudimentary themselves. 

Its a good way of introducing animation for kids while learning phonics of letters. It can of course be extended to syllables , words and so forth. 

This makes learning accessible and fun for kids.

learning to count

A clay morphing animation for kids here helping with basic counting. Again kids can create each of these numbers in clay and animate them easily with iKITMovie.

Concentrating on the shape of the numbers is especially engaging with kids who need extra help with learning.

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Curriculm Area - Science

Age group – 9-11 Years

Project Description – Plant Reproduction

Plants reproduce sexually by means of flowers. The flower produces male cells (pollen), and the female cells (eggs). This is our films showing the process of pollination by insects.



An example of one of stop motion animation movies called “Plant Reproduction” by Owen, Mark and Jenny. ( Colaiste Choilm – Ireland )