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iKITMovie 4.0 Released - Safe Download - Digitally Signed and Verified.

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Get started today with a Free Trial version of iKITMovie stop motion software 4.0. This is the same software used by school and home users in USA, UK, Europe, Australia etc. across the Globe.
Try LEGO Animation for fun - easiest way to get started with stopmotion.

There are two options for you to download and try. Firstly a smaller download file size which shows the core features of iKITMovie. Secondly a larger download file which includes the Overlay and Chromakey features.

If you have a slow internet connection it may be better to choose the first option.

This is your opportunity to check and test the software before you purchase it. We highly recommend that you use this time to test your camera and the features of the program and send feedback.

We have many resources to help you get started. Start by watching our Video Tutorials. Visit our support center to find Support Documentation, a list of FAQs, and instructions for requesting additional help. You can also seek out help from our Stop Motion Software Tutorial Page.
stop motion software free download

The trial is valid for 5 sessions ( 30 minutes for each session ) and you can save your project.

free stop motion software download

This software uses code ofFFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1