iKITMovie -Uploading to Youtube

iKITMovie - Uploading to Youtube  - Instructions

When you have successfully exported your stop motion movie you will be given the option to upload it to YouTube.

One tip that is worth considering and that is to export your stop motion movies to your PC first to ensure that you are happy with the result. For example check that the sounds and music and voiceovers are in the correct place in sync with the video etc.  Sometimes if your PC is overloaded or a little slow, playback in iKIT will not reflect the sound synchronization to match the action with one hundred percent accuracy. Also I would advise you to export your video animations to MP4 format at that format is preferred by YouTube.

youtube dialog - iKITMovie -Uploading to Youtube

When uploading to YouTube the screen shown below will be presented to you.

youtube dialog main - iKITMovie -Uploading to Youtube

The various options on the YouTube upload dialog are shown above. You need a YouTube account in order to upload your animation.
blue 1 - iKITMovie -Uploading to YoutubeIf you do not have a YouTube account then an option to create one is given on this dialog.
BLUE 2 - iKITMovie -Uploading to YoutubeIf you do have a YouTube account then enter it here carefully in order to continue uploading to youtube.
blue 3 - iKITMovie -Uploading to YoutubeCarefully enter you password here. Make sure you enter it correctly.  The best thing to do is try it directly on YouTube to ensure it is correct if in doubt.


For the "Title" please ensure that you put in a title that reflects the content of the animation stop movies you are uploading. This will attract more views of your animation.
Even more importantly put in a good description of the animation video. Google and Youtube will pick up on the description and the title when delivering results to Youtube based on good titles and descriptions. Thus you will get more views.
If you have clicked on the "Also upload to iKITMovie Channel then a copy of the animated stop motion movie you made will appear on the iKITMovie youtube channel. You should identify that the video was made by you if you so wish. Copyright remains with you on all material you upload to our iKITMovie channel.  So if you would prefer not to have the video appear on our channel ensure that the "Also upload to iKITMovie Channel.."  is not ticked. If you have uploaded your stop motion movie to our channel by mistake then please use our contact us form to ask us to remove it if you so wish.