IKITMovie Full DVD Family 100x100 - Family License
iKITMovie StopMotion Software DVD
Family License

Family License


TWO Licenses and a Shipped DVD Copy of iKITMovie 4.0
Includes 2,200 sound fx & GreenScreen & Overlay (Fire, Explosions etc)

You can run iKIT on 2 PC’s with the family License !



Family License includes 2  licenses plus  a DVD shipped to you

Software Download - - Family License for use on 2 PC's

A DVD will also be shipped free of charge on this purchase

( 2 Licenses will be issued for use at home on purchase )

Recommended Technical Specifications

  • Windows  XP or VISTA  or Windows 7 or 8 or 10 ( 32 or 64 Bit )
  • 1 Gb RAM Minimum
  • 500 Mb free hard disk space
  • 2.33Ghz Minimum.
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