Remember Curious George ?

Curious George - I came across an interview given way back in 1994 by John Matthews , the stop motion animator behind Curios George. Remember him? Stop-motion director & animator John Clark Matthews and family are interviewed entertainment tonight about animation and their film, Curious George. I have transcribed the interview here for your interest: And that famous Man in the Yellow Hat meets his maker. “Hey George, say hello to Entertainment Tonight.” We’ve got more monkey business for you on Entertainment Tonight this weekend. Baby Boomers grew up curled up in an armchair reading the tales of a curious monkey named George. Now, a new generation gets in on George’s adventures on video and we went to visit the young at heart guy who’s doing the work. “This is George. He lived in Africa. He was a good, little monkey and always very curious.” That curious little monkey has been a favorite with kids since the late 1930’s. Naturally, we were curious about how George and the gang came to life. “Hey George, say hello to Entertainment Tonight.” This is John Matthews, the animator who created the video in his southern California studio using a process called stop motion. “This is one second of movie film. There are 24 little pictures here. That means, if I want to move Curious George here, I have to move him 24 times for one second.” These home movies John gave us show the process. After each little movement, John takes a picture with a camera. Many moves and several hours later, this is the result. “In a half hour, you have about 35,000 little moves like that. That’s why we usually have about four to six setups