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I came across a very interesting Youtube video about animation in education. A teacher called Kerry Hopkins from Utah created an animation with 5th graders. It is titled.." Student project: Cutout animation in elementary education" I have transcribed the interview here for your interest.. "My name is Kerry Hopkins; I’m a graduate student in film studies. The project that I was working on was cutout animation with 5the grade students. We made a short stop motion film which was an animated film so to begin with the students had to come up with their own idea which was probably the hardest part of the process. And they made a time travel movie. This way they could be broken up into groups and students could work on their different areas of interest in history and bring that into writing the script about where these time travelers were going through time. So they wrote the scripts and then started to create the components for the animation which was included the background where the characters would be on as well as the making the characters. And to do that they used pictures of themselves to have for the faces and then construction paper to make the bodies of the characters. We decided to use the students’ faces because by putting their faces would give them a sense of ownership in this piece. And we also used the students’ voices for the characters. So once all the pieces were ready, then we had to shoot the individual scenes. So we set up just a still camera and took still photos for each frame of video and the students moved the characters through the scene according to the script they