Claymation – Bottled Water in Animation !

A Press Release from The website in support of bottled water have opted to use a claymation character to get their point (or should I say pint ) across. Claymation - Supporting Bottled Water  ALEXANDRIA, VA – The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) today posted its newest video, The Real Story of Bottled Water<>, on its consumer-oriented YouTube channel, Bottled Water Matters, as a humorous retort/rebuttal to misleading claims made by anti-bottled water activists. Consumers are encouraged to view the entertaining rejoinder The Real Story of Bottled Water shown below.   “In the past few months, activists have made claims that the bottled water industry ‘manufactures demand’ for bottled water,” said Tom Lauria, IBWA Vice President of Communications. “But the truth is that demand for bottled water is ‘consumer driven,’ and our video illustrates this important difference by giving viewers insightful background information about the industry and the true reasons of bottled water’s widespread popularity.”  “I expect that this video will be an eye-opener for some people who may have only heard the false and inaccurate information being disseminated by activists,” he said.  Produced in-house, IBWA’s video uses claymation, a live stop-action technique, to tell The Real Story of Bottled Water. A talking 5-gallon water cooler bottle made from blue modeling clay -- addresses the YouTube audience, giving them her side of the real story of bottled water.Facts are supported by using source credits throughout the video.  The video is among more than a dozen videos on the Bottled Water Matters YouTube channel aimed at addressing misinformation about the bottled water industry.  “Lucky for us, most people use common sense and can tell when they are being misled—or they check the facts out for