Bringing the F#*? Word to Stop Motion

Cuppa Coffee studios the company behind the stop motion series, Glenn Martin DDS, Life's a Zoo, Rick And Steve, Celebrity Deathmatch and a number of other very amusing series has struck a deal with foul mouthed celebrity Gordon Ramsay to create a series called "At Your Service". Adam Shaheen ,executive producer and president of Cuppa Coffee believes Gordon Ramsay's larger than life personality will be a recipe for success when combined with stop motion animation and it's classical characterization. They are in the process of finding writers for the proposed show at the moment. The show will be touted to distributors and channels at Mipcoms International TV Sales expo in October. While exact details are not available yet, the show is likely to be 30 minutes per episode and will focus on the wilder side of Ramsay's outrageous outburst on his shows such as "Hells Kitchen". It will be interesting to see what characters they bring in to the series to put up against Ramsays outrageous tongue. Toronto based Cuppa Coffee animation studios houses 42 shooting stages and employs over 200 artists. In house facilities include prop and sets wardrobe, animation and post-production. They produce roughly 145,000 seconds of animation per year. They have won over 150 international animation awards. So whether you are a fan of Gordon Ramsay or not Cuppa will no doubt come up with another very funny stop motion series. We hope they don't take too long to get it up and running on our TV screens.