Claymation - Easy to Make Stop Motion Animation for Everyone

Claymation is one of the oldest and most loved forms of stop motion animation. So you want to try to make your own classic?
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"An iKITMovie user emailed me this link to her YouTube claymation moviess. It's her take on a song by the beautiful Chisu Ennustus (born Christel Sundberg in 1982) a Finnish pop artist, songwriter
I hope you enjoy it as much as we did."


First things first..

Don't be tempted to launch into your claymation movie without any plan in terms of an outline of a story. No matter what form of animation you use remember that the output will only be as good as the storyline. So first you need a storyline for your claymation.
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Claymation Storyline

Although it is very tempting to launch straight into your claymation character and movie set, it is the wrong place to start. First consider your story. The story is the most important part of any claymation, as it is with any movie. Just jot down some ideas as an outline for what you want to happen in the movie and from there you can create a storyline. Once you have the storyline you can create the dialogue.

You will find then that your claymation characters may need to be amended to evoke mood to fit the story.
Making the effort at the beginning to create a storyline (while it may be a discipline to some) will not take from the enjoyment of creating the claymation. You can let your imagination run wild once filming starts to mould the movie to entertain more and more while keeping the basis of your storyline intact.

Make a simple Clay character!

The Best Clay to Use for Claymation

Oil based clay is a must for claymation. Water based cheap clays will crack and crumble too much when trying to animate. An example of a good oil based clay is Van Aken claytoons clay. It's not expensive and comes in all colors you can imagine. You can always blend colors together to make new colors if needed. Read more detail and find out what is the best clay to use for claymation stop motion animation.

Equipment for Claymation.

You will need a digital still camera or a good quality webcamera and of course some iKITMovie animation software. Also you will need at least one desklamp or source of light.

Claymation Lighting

The basic guidelines for lighting any claymation movie is have plenty of consistent light available. By consistent I mean a light source that will not change over the time you are capturing your images. So sunlight is generally not the best form of light to use for animation as clouds and objects will cast shadows during your moviemaking. Stop motion will look really bad with light flicker caused by different light levels between frames. So close the blinds and use a desklamp or even a few desklamps to light up your characters and set. For information on the classic "3 Point lighting system" visit our video stop motion tutorial pages.

The Set for your Claymation

This does not need to be elaborate when starting out. Often a white backdrop with a few props in the foreground are enough. When you get more confident you can make furniture out of cardboard and paint or color it with details to further enhance the claymation movie.
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The best approach and the one most commonly used in any stop motion or animation movies is to record the dialogue first. With this approach you end up with a full story in audio to which you then animate your characters. It is a very good method and we recommend it as the best way to animate.
In your first claymation movies it may not be necessary to create mouth pieces for you characters when they are talking. It may simply be enough to have the character move their heads and maybe their hands to indicate they are talking. When you get good at it you can move on to making mouthpieces which you swap in to simulate the characters mouth moving. Or you can use the overlay feature in iKIT 4.0 plus to add mouth movements over the face as part of post production.