iKITMovie™ - ChromaKey or GreenScreen Made Easy


Stop Motion Tutorial

How to add a Video Background

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iKITMovie 3.0 - Now with EASY GreenScreen  !

  GreenScreen StopMotion  

Before Chroma Key / BlueScreen

After Chroma Key

  GreenScreen StopMotion 2  

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Adding Still Images See Steps Below

With iKITMovie Platinum you can change your backgrounds and replace them with images or videos from our library of images and video.

Simply animate your characters in front of a green or blue screen and later replace that color with our image / video or with one of your own.

Chroma Key Before Background is replaced 



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  GreenScreen StopMotion 3 Done  



( Remember - you must first take snapshots of your character or spaceship or whatever in front of a green / blue sheet of card/paper ..make sure you do not cast a shadow on the screen also )

STEP 1 & 2   -   Select the image in the timeline that has the green/blue background where you wish to replace with an image / video background.

GreenScreen StopMotion 3

STEP 3  -   Select the Background tab to display the library of image and video backgrounds GreenScreen StopMotion 4


STEP 4  - Choose a background you would like to use.GreenScreen StopMotion 5

STEP 5  - Click on Apply Background

STEP 6  - Click on Configure Chroma


STEP 7  -  Click on the background color you wish to replace ( you should see a checkered background start to appear )GreenScreen StopMotion 6


STEP 8  -  Move the "Color Tol"  slider to the right slowly and carefully until most if not all of the blue/green has changed to a Checkered background.

   GreenScreen StopMotion Keyed out  

STEP 9   -   If all the blue or green is not easily removed then click on Color 2 and choose the remaining color to replace.


STEP 10  -  Click on OK to apply the backgrounds to as many of the images in that sequence as you wish.


GreenScreen StopMotion 7


Why not try it  yourself !