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Animation Maker Kyle West

  • Kyle West AKA GreyBrickProduction

Name : Kyle West
Location: IN, USA
My name is Kyle West, I am a young stop motion maker that has grown up in a Christian home. Just like every kid out there I had a wild imagination. I have always wanted to put the ideas I had in my head into a video so everyone else can see. Now I get to do that. Before I get into the stop motion software, stop motion and other things like that, I will tell you a little more about me. I am 15 years old, I was born November 6 , 1997. I love watching action movies and clips. I love video games, but who doesn't? I am the youngest in my family, a family of 8.
Now that's enough of that, lets get down to business of being a stop motion maker!!
 I heard about iKITMovie from another BrickFilmer on Youtube. I looked it up and I immediately wanted it. December 25, 2011 I was given Ikitmovie for Christmas, What more could a kid want? It all went from there. Using images I already took with a digital still camera I imported it into Ikit and then uploaded my first BrickFilm on to youtube called Zombie Slayer Part 1. Awhile later I uploaded Lego Teleporting Ghost and Expert Swordsman. From that point I started watching tutorials on lighting and other software. I improved my lighting by adding 2 lamps rather than my ceiling light. I also downloaded Gimp, Audacity and recently purchased Dubturbo for music.
For my webcam I use a Microsoft HD 5000 For music, Dubturbo, and Royalty Free Music. Lighting, 2 Desklamps.

Microsoft HD 5000 Stop Motion webcam

  • Kyles' MS HD 5000

Now that you have learned what software I use and a little about me, its time you learn how I approach/ come up with my video’s.
I have been a stop motion maker for a year and a half.
I started out with a few bricks and a digital camera. I was interested in improving my films with actual software.
Kyle West Example stop motion set
Some of Kyles Stop Motion Animations
Lego Ninja Duel 2
When the ideas flood through my mind is when I get inspired. How do I get inspired?
My Inspiration as a stop motion maker : I get inspired by listening to music, watching movies and other stop motion videos When I feel inspired I simply put the idea in my head into a video. How I think of a cool scene or a special effect or a simple thought of “how would this look” and then try to put that idea into a Stop Motion creation. Step 1, Think what would be cool. Step 2, Build a set. Step 3, Set up lighting, Step 4, a very slow and precise process, animation. Step 5, editing. Step 6, the best part of all, Enjoying the fruits of my labor by watching and sharing my video with others.
If you ever want to improve your skills as a stop motion maker you need to learn 3 things, to be patient (Patience is a virtue), have fun with it and do your best!"
One Man Army (Fixed Volume-Megabloks Animation-Halo Themed)