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Animation Maker Milan Harrison

  • Milan Harrison AKA SomeDudeNamedMilan

Name : Milan Harrison
Location: Sacramento, California
Animation Maker Nikon DSLR

  • Milan using his Nikon

I use iKITMovie 3.2 to animate everything. I usually put the FPS between 17 and 25. Then I put all the clips together with Windows Movie Maker 2.6 and add music, sound, and titles.

  • Cameras I Use

I have a Nikon Coolpix P500 & Logitech c920 Webcam. I use the webcam for special effects but mostly I capture my images use my digital still camera and then import them in to iKITMovie.
Animation of Everything you do

  • How I animate

First, I think of a good story and roughly plan how it will flow. Then as I make it, I always think of little things I can change to make my video better or funnier. A small movement or even a sound can add humor.
I try to only show Lego objects to create a LEGO world, and avoid the floor and other non-LEGO items. I also add subtle little features such as the fact that my LEGO soccer player mini-figure has appeared somewhere in most of my films.
My preference is to add music and sound effects and use them to be a part of the story (the iKIT free sounds are a big plus to making movies.) When I take pictures to make my "brickfilms", it's important to keep everything stationary. For example, I tape the baseplate to the floor so it doesn't move and distract the viewers. It's also good to keep my reflections out of the way, which is sometimes difficult when I take pictures in front of a set that has LEGO windows. My background is either a light blue sheet, a light blue piece of paper, or a green screen
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