Stop Motion Claymation and LEGO Ideas


LEGO animation ideas

  • Mummy Chase by S. Chuwawa

James has made a really funny LEGO animation here with LEGO© minifigs. He has alot of subscribers on YouTube for his brickfilms. He has more recently moved on to other forms of animation such as cgi and drawn animation.
LEGO Animation Ideas

  • WW II Fire Test by MasterLego2000

MasterLego2000 WWII-Test Fire makes good use of the sounds in iKIT. He has layered the war sounds and added footsteps and gunfire - making it a very atmospheric and engaging LEGO ® animation.
Dime Novel Gunfight

  • Dime Gunfight by Ramrodkid4440's

If the wild wild west is your cup of tea then RamRodKid is for you. His animations using action figures are unique. He has created really convincing sets with barns, saloons, furniture, tumbleweed. Check out his other animations on youtube.
Claymation ideas

  • Angry Birds by Girfantic

Madison made a funny and entertaining claymation stop motion animation of the very popular Angry birds characters. It was made for a school project and recorded 10 frames per second. The clay characters look just like the angry birds true to color and facial expressions. Another cool claymation ideas to get inspired.
The Dog Princess

  • The Dog Princess by Joe Pruett

A group project from the Marion County Library's 2012 Stop Motion Animation Class. Filmed and directed by Beth Pruett. Story by Joe Pruett. With William Blanchett, Andy Yang, Jimmy McCormick, Jriston Bryson, and Aaron Fulmer.
Funny Star Wars animation

  • Star Wars by Legomationdotcom

A clever stop motion animation by legomatiodotcom and I quote.."The Death Star - Darth Vader discovers he has one or two children that he did not know about ! Like Barack Obama, Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse and of course George Bush ..but you knew that one already right..".