Stop Motion Software Features

iKITMovie - Animation software Version 4 - New Feature

System Requirements

  • PC Windows

  • XP - with service pack 3
    Vista - with service pack 2
    Win 7 - with service pack 1
    Win 8/10 ( works well )
  • PC Specs

  • 2 Gb RAM ( Memory )
    2.33 Ghz CPU
    128 Mb Video RAM
    1024x768 screen (minm.)
  • Supported Cameras

  • Webcams, Digital Still, Camcorders



Stop Motion Software Features for iKITMovie

Stop motion software should be easy to use. iKITMovie is user friendly
and powerful. Here is a summary of the main features :

  • Copy and paste images in the timeline
  • Frame rates from 1 to 30
  • Import images at any point on the timeline
  • Automated time lapse shooting
  • Preview your movie at any time
  • Full screen mode for capture or viewing
  • Upload your animation directly to YouTube
  • Import your own background images
    GUI 3

What's New in  iKITMovie 4 ?

We have been ysy working on delivering on all those requests for your favorite features.

  • HD image support up 1080p
  • Rig Removal
  • Add Explosions , Fire, Smoke
  • Animation Special FX
  • Add Muzzle flashes

    Muzzle Flash Stop Motion Animation
  • Add faces, moving mouths to your characters
  • Easy to use Chroma Key / Greenscreen
  • Add background images
  • ChromaKey Backgrounds

  • Replace a background with video!

  • Video Fx


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