2,200 Free Stop Motion Sound Effects Included

Stop Motion Sound effects have arrived

Animation software is not much good without sound unless you want to make silent movies that is.? iKITMovie has a 2,200 sound fx, and music tracks to ensure that you never run out of stop motion ideas.

Our stop motion software has lots of different animal sounds such as horses, cats, dogs, wild animals, farm animals for you to use. Looking for that perfect gunshot sound or explosion sound effect? Then you will find them all here in iKITMovie.
  • All sounds are categorized alphabetically
  • Sounds are alphabetically listed in each category
  • Search feature helps you find the right sound
  • Sounds that have been used are marked !
  • Preview sounds before dropping to the timeline
  • Add more sounds and music to the library

     stop motion sound effects fx

  • Multilayer any number of sounds Sound FX  & Music.


If you want to add sounds to the existing library then just click on the large blue and white plus symbol. You will be then prompted to add an mp3 or wav audio file. For best results you should use mp3 128 kbps stereo audio tracks. They have the optimum quality and are smaller for storing on disk. You cannot add audio tracks directly from an audio CD. If you do want to add audio from an audio CD then you must first convert them to either wav or mp3 format. This can easily be done with free software audio editing software such as Audacity or Audigy. Once the file has been converted to an mp3 you then go ahead and simply add it to the library for use in your current and future animation projects. All the included sound fx and music tracks that come with iKITMovie animation software are licensed and royalty free for use within animation projects created by your for non commercial purposes. The sounds cannot be separated out and sold or used commercially outside of iKITMovie. See the licensing agreement for further details.




Sound FX Now

  • Sound FX

  • 2,200 Stereo sounds
    Sudio quality 128kbps
    Ready to use
  • Music Tracks

  • Selection of genres
    Quality Stereo
    Drag and drop
  • Add your own

  • Easily add your own:
    Sounds and Music Tracks