Animation Software Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

  • What do I need to run iKITMovie ?

  • You need a PC running any one of these operating systems..(with the latest service pack from Microsoft installed )
    Windows Vista ( with latest service packs )
    Windows  7  or Windows 8 or 10
  • How powerful does my PC have to be ?

  • You will need a PC with these hardware specifications
    2 Gb RAM ( Memory )
    2.33 Ghz CPU
    128 Mb Video RAM
  • What cameras are Supported by iKITMovie ?

  • iKITMovie will present a live view of the action when using Webcams or Camcorders with an adaptor. You can import images from any digital still camera (but they cannot show a live view on your PC of your scene while taking the snapshots.
  • Will iKITMovie run on my Macintosh ?

  • No - sorry - iKITMovie only supports PC Windows currently
  • Can I show the movies I make to my friends?

  • Yes - you can export your animations to windows movie format ( wmv ) or mp4 and upload them to YouTube or simply copy the  movie file to a USB memory stick and play it anywhere.

  • Can I add more sounds and music to iKIT?

  • Yes - you can import your own music and sound effects to supplement the large library of sounds in iKITMovie. Just make sure they are MP3 files.
  • I get a message "iKIT cannot be installed on systems with .NET smaller that 3.5?

  • You need to update your windows installation with this file from Microsoft follow this link.
  • After installing iKIT when I click on the icon nothing happens

  • You need to update your windows installation with this file from Microsoft follow this link.


Purchasing Questions

  • Can I move my license to another PC at some stage?

  • Yes - you can move your license to a new PC or alternative PC and any time in future after purchasing. Simply email us at support or use the online "contact us" form on our  site. We can give you the instructions on how to move the license.
  • If I purchase the download software but lose it , can I get a copy again from you?

  • Yes. We keep a copy of your software on our servers for safe keeping. Simply email us at support or use our online "contact us" form and we can send the link to you to download it again.
  • Can I use the Webcam that comes with the iKITMovie KIT for other things?

  • Yes. The webcam included in the iKITMovie animation kit can be used for anything  else that use a webcam, such as Skype, MSN etc.
  • Will any webcam work with iKITMovie?

  • Yes - any webcam that can connect to a USB connection on your PC will work fine with iKITMovie. Just check to see if your webcam allows you to control focus. It is important to have control of  the focus function while your are animating.
  • Estimated Delivery times?

  • We ship from Ireland by airmail express. Parcels normally take between 5 to 9 working days to reach the US & Canada depending on your state. UK and Europe take 3 to 5 working days. Rest of the world 7 to 10 working days. Christmas and other major holidays will take longer.
  • What method of payment do you accept?

  • We use the Paypal system to accept secure payments online. All major credit cards are accepted. You do not need a paypal account to make paymemt.


  • Where can I purchase iKITMovie?

  • iKITMovie is exclusive to our website and


  •  How do I move my iKITMovie License to a different PC?