iKITMovie Animation software for education
Animation software for education

Add Explosions to Animations!


Animation software for education


Add Muzzle Flares !


Animation software for education

Add Video Backgrounds

iKITMovie 3.2 - Animation Software for Education

iKITMovie Animation Software - iKITMovie 3.2 just Released and has been developed to give children (and adults) of all ages the opportunities to create creative and wonderful animated films quickly and easily, in school and at home.

Animation Software for education Features

  • ChromaKey  ( GreenScreen )
  • Overlay - Explosions
  • 2,200+ Sound F/X included
  • School Network Compatible
  • Upload your animation videos directly to YouTube
  • Drag and drop sounds, music, voiceover on to your animation
  • Add faces to your characters
  • Put muzzle flashes on your weapons
  • Add fire or smoke to your animated scenes
Get started today with a Free Trial version of our Animation software version 3.2. This is the same animation software for education used by school and home users across the globe. We provide many resources to help you get started. Start by watching our Animation Software Videos. Visit our Animation software Help center for a Complete Guide to making those animated brickfilms, Claymation movies, 3D and 2D animations. Check out if required more help from our Stop Motion Software Tutorial Page.
We’ve also created a Video of Animation Software for Adding Special Effects Tutorial.
Make Animated Movie (Easy Kids Animation Programs!) in Minutes with iKITMovie Software.
We are continually adding new tutorials and tips and tricks and giving you ideas for creating your claymations or lego bricfilm animations. Also Coming soon is a profile page of some of our iKITMovie animators from all over the world. Here you can see what others are doing with iKITMovie both in schools and at home.
iKITMovie has been designed to make it the easiest program for Kids and adults to create amazing stop motion animations. There are two ways you can try out iKITMovie, you can start with less features or all Features, check out for free Trial Animation software.