Stop Motion Ideas for Stop Motion Movies

If you are looking for some stop motion ideas for creating animations at home or in school then this page might help you. Below you will find some good education type stop motion animations to give you some stop motion ideas for use in school. The age a group involved in these animations are between 8 and 14 years old.
Curriculm Area

English Language Arts

Age group - 10- 11 Years

Project Description - Black Day for Blue Ray

This was a creative writing and multimedia project using stop motion animation. Students had to develop a story about "an accident in the home" using the FreyTag Pyramid as a structural guideline. They worked in groups of 3 and 4 to develop their own ideas/ stories and create their storyboards. They used various artistic media for building their sets and clay to make their claymation characters. They produced an animation with full sound effects, voiceovers and music.

An example of one of stop motion animation movies called - Black Day for Blue Ray - by Matthew, Ben and Aoife.
Blue Ray Stopmotion

  • Black Day for Blue Ray

"We really enjoyed making the movie. I loved how you could add any sound you liked to the animation." - Ben
Curriculm Area


Age group - 9-11 Years

Project Description - Plant Reproduction

Plants reproduce sexually by means of flowers. The flower produces male cells (pollen), and the female cells (eggs). This is our films showing the process of pollination by insects.
Brainstorming - What we did and what we learned.

An example of one of stop motion animation movies called "Plant Reproduction" by Owen, Mark and Jenny. ( Colaiste Choilm - Ireland )
Plant Reproduction

  • Plant Reproduction

"Eventhough the clay used to stick a lot , it was really fun. I will always remember how plants reproduce now." - Mark
Curriculm Area


Age group - 8 - 10 Years

Project Description - Green Blob ( Tutorial on how to make this stop motion )

This project used an interesting technique in animation called the "replacement method".
Storyboard  - How our storyboard looked when finished.

An example of one of stop motion animation movies called "Green Blob" by Brad and Shaun. ( NewTown MiddleSchool - MA, USA )
The Blob

  • Green Blob

"We didn't think it would be so easy to make a piece of clay come to life!" - Brad
Curriculm Area

Science - Biology

Age group - 12 - 13 Years

Project Description - Human Reproduction

This is our animation of human reproduction showing the sperm and the fertilisation of the egg to form the human embryo. by Raymond & Jonas. ( Ballincollig, Irl)
Setbuilding  - Making our sets and stop motion animation characters
Animation - Lights Camera Action..we start to animate.
Export  - Our movie finished we exported it and upload it to the Internet.



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Human Reproduction - Claymation

  • Human Reproduction

"It was kinda tricky moving the clay between shots without damaging it but really fun when we added the sounds later" - Jonas